Pulley, Plenum and Power Steering

Another day at the tvr mill, got the pulleys fitted plus got the fuel rail on and bolted down, finished detailing on the plenum chamber stripped cleaned and polished the alternator and its bracket, plus have made a start on the power steering, got the components sorted to how they are going to fit together the box is going to have a shrunk fit bush to connect to the original column, the shroud will have to have a spacer bush to make up the different diameters so relatively easy.

The motor will be bracketed (a) to the back of the dash which is being strengthened with carbon fibre mat and epoxy resin plus (b) a bracket to the strengthened pedal box which is being lengthened to include the mounting for the end of the column (c) the fiberglass bulkhead behind the road wheel is to be beefed up to insure no flexing, the bottom half of the column is the original corsa sliding joint fitted to the motor and grafted via welding to the original very cutdown column.

This system has the advantage of an extra uj after the motor so should the alligment not be perfect this will insure smooth steering plus in the event of a shunt the column not only can slide but fold as the car crumples as per the original corsa fitment pics follow of progress so far,plus a pic of the crap original column to spline weld scary.

DSCN2720 powerboxpriortowork

DSCN2721 columncutformod

standardcolumn detailingonplenum pulleysfittedetc

Chassis Stuff

Another productive day got the off side suspension wishbones on all new bushes etc., plus built up the shocks look quite good now, put the new covers on the washed out and regreased steering ball joints plus fitted the engine mount brackets and one mount.

DSCN2700 DSCN2701

DSCN2702 DSCN2703

Pump and Paint

Well i`ve been at it again and have made some more progress the oil pump is fitted plus a new filter and as the mechanics of the engine are all there i like to prime the oil ways, ends, rockers etc., to achieve this i drive the oil pump with an attachment that fits the lug on the pump drive with a battery drill you can also check the pressure relief is working etc. with a manual gauge fitted where the sender is, all went well it is suprising the torque required to turn the pump at 1000rpm which equates to 2000 rpm of the engine,i have also finished the detailing on the rocker covers and fitted them then more cleaning all the wheels and pulleys for the front of the engine are now ready for paint plus all the sundry brackets for the transmission etc. are painted ready to fit just the gearbox to go now just a few pics of the work.

DSCN2693 DSCN2692

DSCN2696 DSCN2694

Engine Assembly

Good day today got the rest of the painted components unmasked ready for assembly and made a good start on the motor rebuild, got the cam in then the crank, torqued up all spins lovely then assembled the piston conrod rings and installed them with there new shells so beginning to look like an engine again.

crankinblock caminblock

alljournals DSCN2680 compnents