Blowing your Trumpet

Well been at it again started on the body some stress cracks where the front is laminated to the tub which i have ground out ready to relaminate, also the area behind the manifold on the offside where the heat shield is supposed to be (most had gone)has been badly affected so i have cut it out will use it as a mould for a new one and laminate in place. the prefit on the steering is great brackets sorted but not fabricated as yet, i was going to extend the steel on the pedal box to accommodate the bottom bearing but i have decided to leave it so as it can break out in the event of a shunt and double up so to speak on the double knuckle setup and sliding joint of the autograss power unit, blower fitting wednesday will take pics as i work got to sort the drive alignment and belt adjuster position and fixing.

Then started fitting the blower got the fixing bracket on plus the blower attached to it,i have done the measurements for the new driver pulley for the crank and ordered the billet of ally to machine it from which should be with me tuesday,also worked out the tensioner arrangement got to machine the bracket for that it will use the idler supplied from sc power,but as this is a preserp engine there is a fair amount of fettling to do but seems all sorted in theory,fitted the trumpet base with its modded trumpets from sc power with the gasket supplied by them to help keep the plenum chamber cool,also got the plenum chamber riser fitted to increase the plenum capacity,all the mods are done to the connections to the plenum plus cleaned out the waterway which was very blocked,fitted the bracket i am going to use for the coil packs supplied by emerald,i took out the original fuel rail fixings and fitted nice stainless capheads to finish that side of things off,so looking good so far working with the gear supplied is a real pleasure beautifully made and well engineered.

blower3 waterway

bracket2 bracket

plenum2 trupets2

trumpets gasket

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