Wing Repairs and lots more

Today got the nearside inner wing repair finished as far as the new glassfibre goes finished it with a cloth for strength and smoothness,also made a sandwich piece for the making good where i cut the old battery box out in the nearside wheel arch,got that jammed in place with some bits of timber then 8oz outside plus a cloth finish, glass the inside on thursday, fitted the refurbed driveshafts with new bolts and washers and got all the bits together for a machining day tomorrow, I have cut down the distributer to just a shaft to drive the oil pump and will make a stainless hat for it while on the lathe, so tomorrow big day turn up the crank pulley for the blower, billet of ally arrived today got the laser work back for d.c. development for the adjuster bracket for the blower belt, once these are done can marry up the engine and box and get it in the chassis.

cutdowndizzy nearsidefootwell

driveshaft nearsidefrontwheelarch

wheelarchmakinggood offsideinnerwingrepair

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