Wet and Dry

Been doing quite a bit more to the old girl both anti-roll bars ready for paint brake components being overhauled plus body is now in primer it has been sanded off with 240 then after any minor dinks having been repaired the etch primer has been applied all over then two coats of high build primer which i will let cure over the weekend ready to nib off next week then final high build then wet and dry then the colour so just a few pics to see how it’s coming along.

btw – the term to nib off is just light sanding to take any little high spots or dust particles that may have landed in the primer prior to a further coat just stops them getting painted in,as for the masking tape lifting painted areas try to always use a good quality low tack tape such as 3m product, as for the paints i use a variety as over time you get to know what works, for high temperature paint i.e. block callipers etc. i use engine paint from witham oil, etch primer comes from them or movac, and is two part ,high build primer its again from movac as is the top coat all two part i.e. the colour and an activator /hardener, i like them because they are not quite so temperature sensative as the curing process is a chemical reaction, downside is pot time is limited so only mix what you can use.

highbuildfinished masking2

masking3 etchpromer

etchprimer2 highbuildfinished2

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