Lowering Body

Well the big day has arrived body on day, started by checking the chassis over just in case something had been overlooked all seemed well so first job lift the chassis off its building stands, lowered it to the floor looked really different on the ground, then using the same hoists lift the body to allow the chassis underneath then push the chassis under using a trolley jack to swing the rear end over into position plus a bit of shunting just to line up properly then lower away, anxious moments but all well down on the mounts and spot on didnt have to pry, push, cajole in any way to say I was relieved is an under statement.

Anyway bolts next all stainless saba sealant on all, then hanbrake reconnected, pull the cables and fuel lines into to boot,then jacked the car back up onto drum for the main fitout, got the brake pipes connected from pedal box to inner wing and inner wing to pipes plus got the offside manifold bolted loosly in place, so not a bad day looking forward to next week.

onthefloor3 onthefloor

lowering inposition

chassisuder liftingthebody2


Rack and Pinion

Got lots done today started with the refurbished rack, we have bored out the old parent ally bushes and replaced them with admiralty bronze bushes should outlast the TVR offering, fitted the rack to the car and the links fitted, then the new handbrake cable and lever i have covered the inner cables where they come out of the outer with 9mm electrical conduit to keep the road dirt out of the cable, the main positive and negative have been run they will connect to a red switch on the rear bulkhead as the battery is going in the boot.

Pedal box is all built up with master cylinders and is fitted new grommets in the wing for the throttle cable and vacuum pipe, stripped out the door opening devise replaced the cables polished the ball handle ready for replacement and fitted the new heatshielding to the inner wings just the bulkhead to do tomorrow. I have finally fitted the intercooler as it is so much easier with no chassis in the way, plus checked over the chassis ready for fitting back under the car tomorrow fitted the heater pipes ready to push through the bulkhead so big day coming up.

refurbishedrack refurbishedrack2

rack rack2

intercooler-1 intercooler2-1

chassis-1 fuellines

handbrakecable handbrakecable2

insulation insulation2

Brakes and Pipes

Today mainly concentrated on the chassis all the brakes and new pipes are built fabricated and on as are the anti roll bars, the starter and a few sundry items plus took the masking of the body still looks.

Also got the fuel pump cleaned painted and fitted plus a new fuel filter,, started to run the fuel lines glassed the inside of the near side footwell where i have removed the battery fuses and there box,got the pedal box in and the front antiroll bar, finally sorted colours etc with the trimmers got the dial faces to the folk making the new ones even got orange tvr logo on every dial.

antirollbar propshaft

brakecompensator brakelines

brakes frontbrakes

frontbrakes2 rearbrakes

Body Paint

well as promised the colour is on, we remasked the car cleaned the shop from top to bottom, tack ragged till is was squeaky clean then mixed the paint tried a little test piece little more thinners and away i went, nice fast light coat to start let it get tacky just so it doesent stick to your finger but not dry, then on with a good second coat now you can see the colour and then a slightly wet last coat and it dosent look to bad, had one reaction where silicone had been used to bodge a rear light in place amazing how it bleeds through etch primer high build wet and dry sanding etc.etc. but sorted now plus rebuilt the calipers fitted the pads all going on tomorrow.

painting4 painting3

painting painting2

remask remask1

Engine Bay Painting

Another day at the office started wet and dry sanding the primer got all the components that where painted friday unmasked ready for reassembly later in the week, plus got some pics of the engine bay and the inner wheel arches in there satin black glory.

The arches and other under body areas have been washed wire brushed and in the case of the arches sanded and filled especially on the mould joints which are bad from the factory then etch primed and i use mavac satin black two pack it is a dupont product and they will mix it to your spec anwhere from full mat to semi gloss.

enginebay reararch

Steering and Intercooler

Been at it again today, rear calipers rebuilt, front calipers sourced, and overhauled master cylinder came back today it has been bored out sleeved with a stainless bush then machined and honed to the original spec, all the anti roll bar components the prop shaft and lots of sundry parts all ready for paint tomorrow, the body has been knocked back detail filled and primed ready for colour will do the satin black inside the engine compartment tomorrow and wheel arches ready for colour monday.

Then got the intercooler fitted and brackets ready to fit after paint, all the brake callipers are rebuilt with new seals all cleaned ready for paint as are a number of sundry items anti roll bars, prop shaft, alternator guard and all the brackets for the anti roll bar bushes, we masked the car ready for the satin black, then etch primed all the parts, then satined the body, then glossed the parts, then a second coat of satin, sorry no pics of the satin camera battery died will take some tomorrow.

partsinprimer parts2

maskingfinished intercooler2

partsinpaint partrsinpaint3 partsinpaint2