Steering and Intercooler

Been at it again today, rear calipers rebuilt, front calipers sourced, and overhauled master cylinder came back today it has been bored out sleeved with a stainless bush then machined and honed to the original spec, all the anti roll bar components the prop shaft and lots of sundry parts all ready for paint tomorrow, the body has been knocked back detail filled and primed ready for colour will do the satin black inside the engine compartment tomorrow and wheel arches ready for colour monday.

Then got the intercooler fitted and brackets ready to fit after paint, all the brake callipers are rebuilt with new seals all cleaned ready for paint as are a number of sundry items anti roll bars, prop shaft, alternator guard and all the brackets for the anti roll bar bushes, we masked the car ready for the satin black, then etch primed all the parts, then satined the body, then glossed the parts, then a second coat of satin, sorry no pics of the satin camera battery died will take some tomorrow.

partsinprimer parts2

maskingfinished intercooler2

partsinpaint partrsinpaint3 partsinpaint2

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