Rack and Pinion

Got lots done today started with the refurbished rack, we have bored out the old parent ally bushes and replaced them with admiralty bronze bushes should outlast the TVR offering, fitted the rack to the car and the links fitted, then the new handbrake cable and lever i have covered the inner cables where they come out of the outer with 9mm electrical conduit to keep the road dirt out of the cable, the main positive and negative have been run they will connect to a red switch on the rear bulkhead as the battery is going in the boot.

Pedal box is all built up with master cylinders and is fitted new grommets in the wing for the throttle cable and vacuum pipe, stripped out the door opening devise replaced the cables polished the ball handle ready for replacement and fitted the new heatshielding to the inner wings just the bulkhead to do tomorrow. I have finally fitted the intercooler as it is so much easier with no chassis in the way, plus checked over the chassis ready for fitting back under the car tomorrow fitted the heater pipes ready to push through the bulkhead so big day coming up.

refurbishedrack refurbishedrack2

rack rack2

intercooler-1 intercooler2-1

chassis-1 fuellines

handbrakecable handbrakecable2

insulation insulation2

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