Lowering Body

Well the big day has arrived body on day, started by checking the chassis over just in case something had been overlooked all seemed well so first job lift the chassis off its building stands, lowered it to the floor looked really different on the ground, then using the same hoists lift the body to allow the chassis underneath then push the chassis under using a trolley jack to swing the rear end over into position plus a bit of shunting just to line up properly then lower away, anxious moments but all well down on the mounts and spot on didnt have to pry, push, cajole in any way to say I was relieved is an under statement.

Anyway bolts next all stainless saba sealant on all, then hanbrake reconnected, pull the cables and fuel lines into to boot,then jacked the car back up onto drum for the main fitout, got the brake pipes connected from pedal box to inner wing and inner wing to pipes plus got the offside manifold bolted loosly in place, so not a bad day looking forward to next week.

onthefloor3 onthefloor

lowering inposition

chassisuder liftingthebody2


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