Engine Bay and Headlights

Lots of bits today made a take off for the trumpet base to feed the pressure sensor for the Emerald mounted the sensor on the off side inner wing and plumbed it up, also made a take off for the feed to the recirculating valve got that all plumbed up as well, fitted the cross over heating duct prior to fitting the scuttle, fitted the remaining coolant hoses and pipes just the expansion tank to go but not sourced one yet (make note to self) finished trimming up around the new fuse box mount just the lid to make,plus had a good look into how to best fit the lupo headlights not quite there yet but got the jist so to speak and fitted the new plug lead clips.

recurc ducting

map cooling

cooling1 clpis

Battery and ECU

Today got the stays made and fitted for the intercooler pipes which incidently are 16swg stainless instead of the more usual ally units, reason is i think they are less likely to pick up heat from the engine bay thus keeping the air slightly cooler, i know there is a slight weight penalty but it is very marginal ,also made and fitted the catchment pot bracket plus got the wiring from the fuse box clipped along the tunnel ,we also made the board for the emerald which fits so as the ECU is sandwiched between the bottom of the passenger footwell and the support board just to protect it from feet etc.we also rigged up an old boat cabin heater to warm the workshop on painting days works suprisingly well.

DSCN2988 DSCN2987

DSCN2986 DSCN2985

DSCN2989 DSCN2990

carch pipes-1

Starting the Upholstery

Started work on the car again got the new plug leads made up and fitted plus filed and bled the blower lubrication circuit plus made up the blower to intercooler and intercooler to plenum pipe work just got to tig it all together and polish it ready for fitting. A few pictures today of the beginning of the upholstery.

Also fitted the fuel tank, all cleaned in and out connected with 7840 hose plus moved the fuse box to behind the passenger seat no loom extension needed so better than i thought started stripping out the engine loom ready for the emerald install tiging up the intercooler hoses tomorrow plus fabricate a catchment pot for the breather so lots of polishing to do pictures thursday camera went flat today

leather4 leather2

leather3 engine2

engine1 radiator1

seatbracket1 steering1-1

Starting the Roll bar

Been busy for the last couple of days got lots of little things done, got some extra stainless folded to increase the heat protection from the manifolds, ordered plug lead material, new washer bottle and various other sundries, fully tested the now fully installed power steering seems very good and nice and adjustable from none to very light so happy with that at last. Picked up the cold drawn tube for the roll bar plus some kiln dried sand to fill the tube prior to bending then I have rolled up a former and built a frame to mount it and i have bent one hoop for the roll bar, second one tomorrow. I have got the new dial faces fit them over the weekend and the new dash panel is being made, wiring starts in about a week so not long to run up.

cap bending1

bent bent1


Today got the clutch and brakes bled out nice and solid feel to both, started building up the engine ancilliaries bracket for the blower oil resevoir which also carries the coil packs is all on, the hoses for the blower lubrication are all on ,started fitting the hoses to carry the air from blower to intercooler then intercooler to plenum plus the dump valve and the hose that leads back to the blower inlet, built up the rad with fans etc.

pipes dumpvalve

stuff rad

Oil Feeds

I have now got the exhaust on complete plus the new bosses for the lambda sensor are welded in place, I have started the oil feeds for the blower the flow to and from the cooler is installed the bracket for the resevoir is made it also carries the coil packs, started work on the bonnet and boot, trimming is coming along so not to bad, full week next week so more progress hopefully.

oilcoolerwithpipes exhaustcomplete

clippingpipework feedstoblower