Emerald ECU Wiring

Got lots of the Emerald wiring done all the injectors which have been threaded through the valley then up through the holes I machined all those weeks ago to keep it as neat as I can,all the coil packs again up through the holes from the valley, the trigger wheel sensor all in there respective conduits plus I have soldered all the joints as the crimps seem fine but you never know. Also fitted all the blower pipes to and from the intercooler,alternator bracket, the catchment tank bracket and tank, I have fitted the heat shields I made to extend the protection along the inner wings, looking quite busy under there now.


pipes pipes1

alternatorbracket catcmenttankandbracket

cranksensor wiring-1

Finished Rollbar

Finished the drivers roll bar today it dosent impinge on your head, the roof just opens and the pickup points for the four point harness are perfect, very pleased just got to make it’s mirror image for the passenger next week, got the final coat on the exhaust system to looks rather good just the tail pipes to do in pearlescent black gloss. Also went to emerald and sorted the map or base map to get us going very very helpful people.

bar2-1 bar4 bar3

bar1-1 bar

Lupo Headlights

Started the wiring today stripped out the old ecu loom, split out the dash looms, run the starter alternator, senders loom down the off side of the engine all went reasonably well, took out the old immobaliser and alarm all new unit going in not sourced yet sorted, the wiring for the lights fans repeaters etc. wired up the fuel pump and door switches so its coming together also had a go at the headlight conversion worked out a system and got cutting out the old fitting.

Got lots of the wiring sorted ready for the Emerald made a conduit gland bracket for the braided conduit I am going to run all the engine management wiring through just to eliminate any spikes or pick up from the engine in general, plus started on the headlights got one fitted more or less right finish tomorrow pictures show the access hole and the amount of cutback to the body to allow a snug fit, got help tomorrow also so may have a go at the roll bar brackets see how we get on and I picked up the new makers plates i had made with more up to date info on the lubricants.

wiring light2

light1-1 light-1