Bezel and Wires

I have sorted the last of the dash wiring all now works on the new switches and leds very pleased with the result,but the main work has been on the headlight bezels as to get a good looking fit I have reconstructed the area of the bezel that sits on the lamp face. I did not want any gaps or odd looking returns so I started with a copper tube fashioned to the exact shape and contour of the lens and glassed that to cut away bezel the result looks great and once filled and painted should do the trick.

bezel4 bezel3

bezel2 bezel

dash8 dash6

dash5 dash3

First Dash

More painting today got the primer wet and dried and hung the doors to paint both side at once no joins so to speak,all went wel, had to get an old mg5 ransomes dumper going as well today so not a lot else but have got a couple of pics of the dash pick it up in the morning,

dash dash2

doors1-1 doors-2


Not a great deal done today breakdown elsewhere but finished the heater rebuild, refurbished the cables and silersoldered the pipes together just the olives to solder for the pipe ends, plus a visit to the trimmers got some pics of there ongoing work all looks good.

boot console

doorcard1 doorcard

headrests pipes-1

Tyres and Tacho

Got the nearside headlight fitted plus trimmed the surround for the offside one, picked up the wheels and tyres and rebuilt the heater so not to bad,in the pictures you can see the live screen on the laptop with the pertenant information only tickover at that time ,played with the map for some time to get the stepper motor and the fuelling right dosent seem to bad, plus the oil pressure and tacho working, for the eagle eyed out there the lambda is in warm up mode and at that coolant temperature it should be open but I had just stopped the engine lowered the iacv value and restarted so it goes through a lambda warm up for a few seconds first, can’t wait to get the wheels on rubber looks really good.

screen-1 headlight2
headlight1 headlight
tacho tyres

Battery and Doors

Another good day at the playpen got the expansion tank fitted and plumbed plus got the battery into its new battery box then started on the door refurbs got the knurled fixings for the new mirrors made the old fixing hole ground out ready for the new fixings to be glassed in all went well got it all done just the detail filling to sand and thats one door ready for paint.

mirror filling2

door expansiontank

box1 box2

Bonnet and Boot

Got a bit more done plus had the engine running again up to temperature given the antifreeze a chance to mix well, but the main work has been fitting the newly made expansion tank and getting the bonnet and boot etch primed and undercoated ready for topcoat, good fun playing with the motor though.

bonnet3-1 bonnet2-1

bonnet1-1 BONNET-1