iPhone Radio

Lots going on today got some help wiring up the mirrors. The radio is now sorted and working had to find a WiFi signal to download two apps to get the thing to make a sound. I got the inner wing doors fitted moved the airpressure sensor as it just clashed with the fuel regulator, got some more work done on the dash wiring instruments going in tomorrow bonnet pins fitted bonnet recut and polished.

For those interested the Radio is a Oxygen Audio O Car

DSC02642_zpsf7e7fc43 DSC02641_zps707e30b9
DSC02640_zpsdfaf4208 DSC02639_zps2a2b273f

Hood Sticks and Spacers

I had a busy day Monday and Today. I firstly had a day in the machine shop finished the hood sticks (see picture) mod to allow the roll bars to fit nicely. Also made some stainless cup washers for the door catches and some extended nuts to make fitting the hood rear section easy all in stainless.

We also made a couple of new spacers for the rear hood bolts where they fit into the door pillars and today got the boot seal fitted, at last secured the purchase of some blue dash bulbs for the instruments (What a relief I bought forty to make sure i have plenty of spares.) The trimmers have made a really small piped section to fit along the bottom of the instrument panel and the upholstery just finishes it off nicely. Carpets are being bound tomorrow plus got the closures around the roll bar mountings behind the seats made, plus lots of sundries like blanking the old seat belt mount holes and cleaning the cab ready for carpet.

I have also fabricated two jigs for the roll bars so i can replicate them at some juncture (see rollbar section if you want to buy a set)

DSC02632_zps6ca72032 DSC02631_zpse0ee0979
DSC02629_zpsfa5d458e DSC02628_zps1ec2aadd

More Fitting

Got quite lot done today, finished painting the middle section of the underside of the body, got the lower section of the dash in, fuse box fixed, checked the radio head unit will fit, got the heater controls in and fitted the top section with the gauges, although the gauges have yet to be fitted.

I made the top to the fuse box and checked all the circuits after fitting the dash including starting the engine all seems good and took the tape holding the bezel in place off.

rollbar1_zps9d4b20ec rollbar_zps8ee048b1

Doors and Rollbars

Well today got the underside painted and got the doors out of hibernation and started building them up. I got a slight problem I had forgotten about last owner fitted ridiculously large door speakers so now have to glass in a section to allow fitment of the regular size speaker. I also got the offside front wing blocked back cut and polished looks really good not just shiny but deep colour well pleased, then fitted the bezel to that side so one down three to go wings that is.

I also picked up the roll bars from Aerocoat today they look amazing! Got the wiring for the new mirrors sorted and had a trial run with the lower part of the dash. I also picked up the new Chimaera badge for the rear end so coming along slowly.

DSC02621_zps2b7ce246 door1_zps50d63601
door_zpsa558e09f bezel_zps6f6c86ca

Fitted Bonnet

Today I fitted the bonnet and the shut lines are not to bad so off it came to be flatted,cut and polished got it flatted today cut and polish tomorrow, also got the door locks cleaned and re-assembled and fitted in the pillars, plus I re-assembled the scuttle windscreen wiper assembly and got it fitted into the car worst job the new windscreen wash pipe some twit put a power steering unit in the way but upside down in the footwell soon saw it sorted. I also had a bit of time to mask the underside of the car ready for the black to match the chassis.

scuttle2_zps048b4c13 scuttle_zpsb190b21d
no_zps01189ea7 1bonnet_zpsef44c9ab

More Details

Good day today with much better weather so doors open on the workshop. I got the sound proofing on the inside of the bonnet, routed and plugged in the triple position switch for the Emerald, sanded masked and painted the bezels on all the gauges now the clock is back, started getting the scuttle ready to fit tomorrow. I also polished the new cap for the brake reservoir and sealed round the brake fluid reservoir and also blanked of the inner wings to outer wings to stop the draughts and started to get the side lights remounted. Fitted the temporary rear number plate I also took delivery of the charger that is going to be installed permanently to keep the battery in peek trim.

rear_zps8b676ed8 gauges34_zpsdf591465
gauges_zps721fbc20 bonnet_zpsb7c4dd7a

Operating Temperature

As reported yesterday lenses are now fitted to the rear lamps nearside proved to be a real pain as you will see from the pics but all in nicely now. I had a proper run of the engine today got it right up to operating temperature just to check all things work fans etc. Also fitted some spacers to the rear discs and ran the transmission up speedo works just fine all pressures and temp seem fine, slight weep from the nearside rocker box which is slightly strange but had to have something I guess, heater all bled out well and lots of heat so good all round also fitted the small piece of dash with the light switches etc. got the mini relays wired in and all works fine including the warning lamps and halos around the switches which i have to say look very cool.

speedo_zps10803ebf run_zps38ea6cc5
lights1_zpsabedcfb3 lights_zps8bbc8a6a

Leven Vents

Another day in the TVR mill ,trimmers have now finished around the windscreen got the Leven vents in I like the look very much. Got the other rear light fixed in place and made up the covers for the access to the new headlights in the inner wings. Rear light glasses tomorrow and then start on the doors. I got the new rubbers for mirror to door for the carrado units so will get them all on and the door cards ready to hang the doors, I think I will leave the windscreen till the dash is all in just so much easier with no glass in the way.


Conduits and Carpets

I have been busy again today, trimmers have nearly finished around the windscreen aperture once thats done I can get the rest of the dash fitted. I built up the tunnel side with upholstery foam to hide the Emerald conduits carpets will now cover nicely over the top, got the mini relays today and got them soldered up ready to fit to the sidelight and rear fog circuits also got the offside rearlight fitted nearside tomorrow.

trimming_zpsf553be5a relays_zps5003875e
rearlight_zps0b51d984 foam_zpsb412cfb0

Mirrors and Bezels

At last the painting is finished i got the mirrors and bezels topcoated, and primed and top coated the black items left to do. I have installed a new heater in the workshop, it is an old D8L Eberspacher warm air heater, does a great job – especially when glueing the upholstery. I have also been round to the trimmers to give them a bit of help, I stripped the two halves of the seats apart to make refitting the new upholstery easier.

paint3_zps453a57d7 paint2_zpscbb35ba4
paint1_zps48584a9d paint_zps74e616d4