Hood Sticks and Spacers

I had a busy day Monday and Today. I firstly had a day in the machine shop finished the hood sticks (see picture) mod to allow the roll bars to fit nicely. Also made some stainless cup washers for the door catches and some extended nuts to make fitting the hood rear section easy all in stainless.

We also made a couple of new spacers for the rear hood bolts where they fit into the door pillars and today got the boot seal fitted, at last secured the purchase of some blue dash bulbs for the instruments (What a relief I bought forty to make sure i have plenty of spares.) The trimmers have made a really small piped section to fit along the bottom of the instrument panel and the upholstery just finishes it off nicely. Carpets are being bound tomorrow plus got the closures around the roll bar mountings behind the seats made, plus lots of sundries like blanking the old seat belt mount holes and cleaning the cab ready for carpet.

I have also fabricated two jigs for the roll bars so i can replicate them at some juncture (see rollbar section if you want to buy a set)

DSC02632_zps6ca72032 DSC02631_zpse0ee0979
DSC02629_zpsfa5d458e DSC02628_zps1ec2aadd

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