Final Days

Just spent a fantastic two days working with my son on the final run in on the car, had trimmers right up to the last on Friday night but all in all went well, we then could get the roll bars fitted then the hood rear section hood sticks and finally the targa, then built up the seats and fitted harnesses fitted and adjusted. Got the whole car glazed and polished, wheels fitted, engine run up again to full temperature so far all good. Took plenty of pictures, unfortunately the weather was constant snow so no driving outside but managed two or three feet in the interrupts next week a bit but mot soonest.

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Near completion

Got lots more done today carpet trim really coming on well, centre console in with all knobs switches etc. windscreen washers connected to new pump all working, door seals and roof seal all fitted and all the speakers and grilles are in the rear bulkhead plus got the harness mounts on the roll bars, hopefully complete car tomorrow we shall see.

speakers_zps8b20a26f mounts2_zpsc206e6e4
mounts_zpsf6a27b2c console-1_zpsff01f14e

Interior Progress

Busy day again, trimmers been in and out all day we got the nearside door built up and fitted much easier than its partner got lots of small items out the way, winker lens fitted second hooter fitted front grille and number plate. TVR decals to the rocker covers, wipers, right hand fresh air vent and a good start on the centre console ,o and the sun visors and built up the roll bars with there harness mounts ready to fit now.

wipers_zpsa8cd6e31 rear_zps49bb7be4
nsdoor_zpse2f0be94 front_zps1759a124
console2_zps4f8ec78b console-1_zps2386b4bc

Windscreen Fitting

Got the new screen fitted today we where going to fit the old one but some slight delamination and the odd scratch convinced me to fit a new one. So all nicely in place seals all new so looks well. Got the boot on and lined up, number plate refitted till the MOT then get a better number hopefully. Fitted the two grilles for the front winkers units and did a bit more cleaning whilst the windscreen boys worked there magic. Fitted the new chimaera rear badge and got one fresh air vent fitted to the passengers side.

DSC02658_zps4ed17762 DSC02657_zps3eeb21d7

Stalks and Doors

Seem to have got a fair amount done today finishing line in sight and all that. Fitted the top on the dash and fitted the Levens stalks not sure about them jury is out right now, drained and filled the gearbox and diff after a short run, built up the drivers door dont you just love the door card fixing (now how can we make it stupidly difficult less than secure and so on and so on) but on the up side all went well, window stupidly slow at the moment so sort tomorrow. The door is hung all bolts in all nicely lined up catch all the same works a treat plus cleaned the two front suspension up ready for the wheels.

2013-03-03163050_zps84455a04 2013-03-03163034_zpsbc5ff1fe
2013-03-03142441_zps8f752cf0 2013-03-03102207_zpsa3641433