Stalks and Doors

Seem to have got a fair amount done today finishing line in sight and all that. Fitted the top on the dash and fitted the Levens stalks not sure about them jury is out right now, drained and filled the gearbox and diff after a short run, built up the drivers door dont you just love the door card fixing (now how can we make it stupidly difficult less than secure and so on and so on) but on the up side all went well, window stupidly slow at the moment so sort tomorrow. The door is hung all bolts in all nicely lined up catch all the same works a treat plus cleaned the two front suspension up ready for the wheels.

2013-03-03163050_zps84455a04 2013-03-03163034_zpsbc5ff1fe
2013-03-03142441_zps8f752cf0 2013-03-03102207_zpsa3641433

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