Final Days

Just spent a fantastic two days working with my son on the final run in on the car, had trimmers right up to the last on Friday night but all in all went well, we then could get the roll bars fitted then the hood rear section hood sticks and finally the targa, then built up the seats and fitted harnesses fitted and adjusted. Got the whole car glazed and polished, wheels fitted, engine run up again to full temperature so far all good. Took plenty of pictures, unfortunately the weather was constant snow so no driving outside but managed two or three feet in the interrupts next week a bit but mot soonest.

8542738950_e846137bae_c 8542738538_15801cab83_c
8542737960_e629e868cf_c 8542737230_4e92c961be_c
8542736898_c7aa3b4907_c 8541634517_cc54186ca9_c
8542731172_d46bc81a3f_c 8542730794_3a53af6c23_c
8542730010_f84d40628e_c 8541629367_eda83e63f6_c
8541628715_0da9861129_c 8542727948_66a0580faf_c
8542725616_f788b22c62_c 8541625089_7781ea37f7_c (1)

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