Wedge Rear suspension

Attacked the rear suspension on the Wedge today wasn’t to bad to get to bits. I will replace the wheel bearings UJ’s and bushes plus got a plan to replace the squidgy rubber bush on the trailing arm. The shocks will need to be replaced as well as the top fixing has been loose for some while and has cut into the mounting making it look more like a keyhole plus nearly worn through the shock rod.

DSC02714 DSC02715 DSC02716 DSC02720

Green Chimaera for some major works

Got a new customers car in on Thursday the car is fairly new to him so I have inspected the car throughout and basically it is in very good condition the chassis in particular is very good the outriggers have been regularly wax oiled which has kept them solid. The rad has a nasty leak so that is coming out and going for a re-core plus the clutch has had its day so i started removing the box friday afternoon, got the anti roll bar of the rear end,exhaust off and prop shaft dropped out so ready for the main event on tuesday.

DSCN0076 DSCN0080 DSCN0077 DSCN0090