Wedge Rear Suspension

Another milestone today got the offside rear suspension all built up, I fabricated the top rails for the coil over shocks which once I have the adjustable shocks will give me infinite ride and height adjustment plus the ability to experiment with the spring rates quite like the idea of a much more upright shock with lower spring rate which give a much better shock travel to wheel travel ratio more the way later cars are going. Still early days yet a bit more welding to finally fit the shock rails then paint and start all over again on the nearside.

There are also a couple of pics of the lower wishbone I have fabricated for the front suspension gives easy and fairly extensive camber adjustment needs the shock mount making and welding in place plus the bracket for the tie rod but pleased so far. Ignore the crow st welding migs gone tits up going to stick weld them tomorrow after some serious grinding but at least they are in place.

wedge4 wedge3
wedge2 wedge1

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