Wedge Suspension

Been busy today lousy weather so got on with the cars, made a new SC belt adjuster wheel for the Orange Chimaera as belt sizes has always been an issue got a handle on it now. And more or less fitted my new front suspension to the Wedge all looks to actually fit as intended bit of a surprise there some pics follow.

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Wedge Engine Rebuild

Been at it again today got the engine and gearbox pressure washed and the engine stripped, it will need a new camshaft and followers, crank regrind, valves lapped in but bores are surprisingly good so rering them after honing all should be good, few pics below of the strip down plus a couple of closeups of the worn cam and followers.

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Wedge Engine Bay

Big push yesterday and today repaired all the stress cracks caused by the front body mountings parting company, got the front half of the chassis and the engine bay all ready for paint off to the rollcentre tomorrow for the cerby roll cage but will be getting some etch primer on in the afternoon hopefully.

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Wedge Front Suspension

This must be the longest rebuild i have done but just so much customer work, but have now set aside time to get on with my wedge and nicks Cerbera want them both finished for next season or i`ll be to old. I have finished all the parts for the front suspension and got them all painted ready to install I am going to get the front end of the chassis painted this week so I can get all the front suspension on to have a rolling chassis then get it over to the paint shop to sort the body out whilst rebuilding the engine.

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