Wedge Electric Power Steering

Another part of the jigsaw finished I had to strip off all the plastic mouldings the steering lock and ignition key surround from the power column make an adapter to take the original switch gear plus cut the end of both columns and machine the old column to shrink fit up inside the new power column all gone well just an adaptor to make to allow the fitting of a chimaera wheel to the wedge hub holes are slightly different but all looks good.

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Wedge Steering and Engine Update

Got a bit more done recently fitted the rocker covers and painted the sump but the real focus has been the electric power steering which is now all ready for fitting tomorrow. I have machined the original sliding section of the column to fit to the spline from the power unit had to make up a mandrel to facilitate getting the spline dead square to the column prior to welding. I have also fitted a spherical bearing to the end of the column where it passes through the bulkhead had to machine a small bush to get the two together but all fits nicely, then the task of making the fixing bracket to go with the strengthened mounting under the dash all should be good got it all painted tonight but you never know.

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