Water Injection complete

At last the water injection is all sorted with Richards help from DRL. I had to remove the board from the casing break the tinniest of links and solder a new link to give me the required volume of water injection, trouble was they assumed we had 100% drive to the injectors when on full throttle but that is not the case we use around 68%at full throttle so had to move to x1.5 on the scale hence the soldering but all good now, i also fitted the passengers seat tidied up the wiring to the Aquamist ECU and put it in conduit and refitted the dash so just the line locks to go.

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Clutch Installation

Clutch all now operational not without a few problems on the way first is the new master cylinder is 3/16th pipe and fitting the new slave is still 1/4in but with a UNF fitting so I made a little fitting one end 3/16th one end 1/4in then silver soldered the respective pipes into the fitting new swaged ends and hey presto a complete system ,master all fitted fine used the old clevis with a new pin surprising the wear on the old one, the new master is not integral with the reservoir so a remote reservoir has been fitted on the passengers side and piped across and into the inner wing all looks neat and tidy the action now that I have the correct hydraulic advantage is very smooth and surprisingly light so the rest of the engine is back together run it up tomorrow and set up the water injection.

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Water Injection and Line Lock work

Been at the wiring again today got all the wires and multi cores into place some have been fitted into conduit and clipped in place some are waiting for tomorrow to come, the wiring for the line locks is also moused through so lots of terminating to come. I am going to use the button in centre of the door opener for the lock as its the only available place which is easily in reach when clamped tight in the harness unless anyone one has a better idea?

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