Clutch Installation

Clutch all now operational not without a few problems on the way first is the new master cylinder is 3/16th pipe and fitting the new slave is still 1/4in but with a UNF fitting so I made a little fitting one end 3/16th one end 1/4in then silver soldered the respective pipes into the fitting new swaged ends and hey presto a complete system ,master all fitted fine used the old clevis with a new pin surprising the wear on the old one, the new master is not integral with the reservoir so a remote reservoir has been fitted on the passengers side and piped across and into the inner wing all looks neat and tidy the action now that I have the correct hydraulic advantage is very smooth and surprisingly light so the rest of the engine is back together run it up tomorrow and set up the water injection.

16821517766_e2214eff5e_k 16846316681_b73f21c649_k
16227417853_c5137c6319_k 16846233082_e561b6a6ac_k

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