Cerbera Running Gear

Yesterdays task picking up the majority of the running gear to complete the rolling chassis still lots to fabricate not least of all the wishbones and ARB`S, missing is the rack which most likely is going to be a triton unit just waiting for the costing on the right hand drive version, been sorting the rest of the Cerbera bits I still have in stock to make room for all this heavy duty gear.

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Cerbera Chassis Mods

Work today cut away the old front shock mounts and cleaned them up got some bottom suspension mounts fabbed and tacked don’t look a lot for a days work but the cleaning up where you cut stuff off takes ages i also took delivery off the new diff look good. I also have drilled the front bottom suspension mount holes the front ones going through the existing brackets you can see the original holes and it gives you an idea how much the chassis is being lowered although it i sent quite as much as the gap suggests thats more to do with where the pickup point is for the uprights we are using.

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Cerbera Build Table

Well back on to the Cerbera in earnest again want to move it on and the wedge over the next weeks big time so got the cage finished plus lots of chassis mods mainly to accept the new suspension mounts and stiffen it up all round ordered the new 81/4 in diff from Redman with Hydratrac LS unit and have built a building table for the chassis to keep it flat and level for marking out fixing points etc.

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