Turret Fabrication – Part 2

Been hard at it for the last couple of days managed to finish all the machining to the turret tube fixing points to allow it to be removed for engine work etc. All the tubes have been faced off in the lathe to ensure square fitting off the ends, the two main stress tubes taking the upward force from the damper mounts and transfer it back towards the rollcage and the central fixing tube are all in place and welded, the mounts for the four other legs two for dampers and two for the front wishbone mounts are all made and welded fit those tomorrow,the tig welding is not my tidiest getting used to the new machine by the end of the day on the last four tubes much better.

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Turret Fabrication – Part 1

Well after a good weekend at the CLA game fair back down to fabricating the turret for the front chassis stiffening, it has to be removable so to this end i am machining up the tube joiners to weld into the ends of the tube to allow removal, not a good day belt on the mill stripped itself don’t make them like they used to its only lasted about twenty years, then the sudds pump packed up so had to plumb in a central heating pump to sort that so hopefully better day tomorrow, the tube all turned up for the rest of the chassis work and all the tube for the suspension wishbones.

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