TVR Wedge Rear Suspension Upgrades

Been busy again today got all the rose joints sorted and there spacers made for the last bit of the rear suspension mods to allow full adjustability plus set a 1.0degree of camber as a start point, all looks good so far proof is in the driving reports to follow in around a month, fitted the new steering wheel I had in stock to the electric powered steering column plus the new proper bearing in the front footwell bulkhead and adjusted the centring so the winkers return after the appropriate movement of the wheel,started filling the holes in the rear bulkhead where the speakers had been why would you want a radio in a car such as this, plus started refitting the bonnet, fitted the two exhaust tail pipes after polishing.

27565727125_fe3432efad_k 27565693715_1c5931bc76_k
27531472216_2464885cc2_k 26957022263_14892a5e0e_k
27466771452_faca083d95_k 27531466526_50f753ad4d_k

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