Wedge Doors + Interior rebuild

And so it continues started with top coating the sills then top coated the bonnet catch which has now been fitted and adjusted. I have started on the wiring for the power steering the supply is in and neutral return with a nice marine type inline fuse easily accessible just above the battery. I have rebuilt the mirrors all the fixings where appropriate are stainless and have rebuilt the doors all the locks and window winders have been overhauled window stops adjusted etc.switch panel is now built up ready for fitment I may have an issue with the fan switch fan works fine with external power but only on full fan when attached to the switch,also cleaned up and painted the door hinge brackets ready for hanging the doors once the trimmers have finished.tomorrows job cleaning and recolouring the door cards and sundry internal panels.

27189696584_7278931728_k 27189675434_305c8bb561_k
27700665112_44be9066c6_k 27190208253_0d687cb9b0_k
27190201123_80f5fedeab_k 27523109690_bafec238ed_k
27766812226_00dee250e8_k 27766713136_06da4fe661_k

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