Rollbar manufacturing

Well back on track finished the mounting brackets for the rollbar also now fabricated the mountings on the chassis for them and started machining the ends of the bar itself which will be sweated into the tube to create solid ends for the link arms to fit into i have built up both rear suspensions to get the length of the drive shafts needed plus have made and fitted the diff carriers to the chassis so the rear end is nearly complete.

28731503484_098315d6b5_k 29321279816_b75618dd08_k
29067355980_4f2dec6a4c_k 29354471985_56213797e5_k
29354456325_135787851d_k 28733581533_1aa46b5e70_k
29067289220_fc0c9cc5ed_k 29275939481_3344e63347_k
26359036204_c7ac52745b_k 26359030794_8366d67469_k

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