Cerbera Running Gear

Yesterdays task picking up the majority of the running gear to complete the rolling chassis still lots to fabricate not least of all the wishbones and ARB`S, missing is the rack which most likely is going to be a triton unit just waiting for the costing on the right hand drive version, been sorting the rest of the Cerbera bits I still have in stock to make room for all this heavy duty gear.

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Clutch Installation

Clutch all now operational not without a few problems on the way first is the new master cylinder is 3/16th pipe and fitting the new slave is still 1/4in but with a UNF fitting so I made a little fitting one end 3/16th one end 1/4in then silver soldered the respective pipes into the fitting new swaged ends and hey presto a complete system ,master all fitted fine used the old clevis with a new pin surprising the wear on the old one, the new master is not integral with the reservoir so a remote reservoir has been fitted on the passengers side and piped across and into the inner wing all looks neat and tidy the action now that I have the correct hydraulic advantage is very smooth and surprisingly light so the rest of the engine is back together run it up tomorrow and set up the water injection.

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TVR Chimaera – Triple Plate Clutch

Another day at the TVR mill got the trigger wheel for the speed sensor tig’ed up had to reduce the slots by half as the dash pro didn’t like the multi slot trigger on the prop shaft went a bit mad after 100mph so needed to get that done and repainted ready to go back on Monday Tuesday, also finally tightened up the sump bolts fitted the flywheel and sorted the clutch need to make a top hat bush for the release bearing carrier to fit the new 40mm i.d. bearing so coming along nicely.

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TVR Triple Plate Clutch + Lightweight Flywheel

Clutch foot pressure will be about the same as standard the real advantage is the triple plates lots of surface area and terrific heat dissipation qualities, below is a pic of the new flywheel looks almost to good to use clutch itself will be here next week but been getting on with refitting the sump with new better quality crucifix seals and starting on the water injection install, i have run the pipe from boot to engine bay although not clipped up yet and sorted how all the wiring will connect and run the line lock turned up pm as well looks a nice unit.

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Wedge Gearbox

Back on the wedge in earnest for a little while, got the clutch on then discovered that the little blocks with a hole in that fit on the pegs on the clutch release arm are missing obviously been like it for some while as the pegs had worn into the carrier so I have had to machine up two new ones which slowed the process down a bit but all good now gearbox on new oil filled ready to drop in the car tomorrow.


Chimaera Hi-Spec Brake Upgrade

At last got round to fitting the new brakes from hi-spec. To say I am pleased with the offering would be an understatement they are superbly engineered and every conceivable part plus a few extras all arrived well packaged. As some may remember I had taken a front assembly including the wheel so as to assure that the very best fit could be afforded and I am very happy with the result. The six pot front calliper has been very slightly machined to allow the fitment of the 15 IMOLA wheel the clearance is about 2mm and the brackets and bells are all beautifully machined and anodised. New braided hoses came as part of the kit once we got them all fitted just one pass of the vacuum bleeder was sufficient for a rock solid pedal so if it is dry tomorrow I will give it a run to bed the new pads to discs prior to the weekends fun.

brake4 brake3
brake2 brake1
brake6 brake5