Completing the Wedge – Part 3

Had a couple of issues to sort after fitting the dash indicators wouldn’t work tuned out to be the switch itself but after stripping it down and cleaning and re-greasing it all well now plus dash lights wouldn’t come on but managed to sort that as well after taking the dash out again but first harness fitted with its seat steering wheel on all good the Chimaera seats are a good fit well pleased with the result,

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Completing the Wedge – Part 1

Got a fair amount done in the last couple of days filled in the drivers side hole in the rear bulkhead made good round the roll bar fixings to the chassis behind the seats, finished the wiring to the new electric power steering refitted the gearstick and its rubber gaiter refitted the heater controls and I have run a bigger negative for the general electrical equipment particularly for the windows, fitted the number plates and the TVR logo to the front and the secondary 350i lettering plus cut back and polished the front half of the car,also fitted the harness mounts to both sides.

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Green Chimaera Wiring problems

The green Chimaera is proving a bit of a problem wiring wise it has had a cobra alarm piggy backed onto the original TVR alarm complete mess so have taken everything out got the main harness sorted out so everything works except the central locking and will install a decent CAT 1 alarm at a later date,ran the engine up to full temp bled the cooling system and all seems well no leaks etc. The hood has been repaired picked it up this afternoon looks very good, then spent a bit of time on my wedge got the other rear suspension of and got the diff removed to reveal a broken upper mount so some tig work to be done there also got the drive shafts stripped ready for powder coat then rebuild with new UJ’s and wheel bearings.

DSC02731 DSC02729 DSC02730 DSC02726 DSC02727 DSC02728

iPhone Radio

Lots going on today got some help wiring up the mirrors. The radio is now sorted and working had to find a WiFi signal to download two apps to get the thing to make a sound. I got the inner wing doors fitted moved the airpressure sensor as it just clashed with the fuel regulator, got some more work done on the dash wiring instruments going in tomorrow bonnet pins fitted bonnet recut and polished.

For those interested the Radio is a Oxygen Audio O Car

DSC02642_zpsf7e7fc43 DSC02641_zps707e30b9
DSC02640_zpsdfaf4208 DSC02639_zps2a2b273f

Conduits and Carpets

I have been busy again today, trimmers have nearly finished around the windscreen aperture once thats done I can get the rest of the dash fitted. I built up the tunnel side with upholstery foam to hide the Emerald conduits carpets will now cover nicely over the top, got the mini relays today and got them soldered up ready to fit to the sidelight and rear fog circuits also got the offside rearlight fitted nearside tomorrow.

trimming_zpsf553be5a relays_zps5003875e
rearlight_zps0b51d984 foam_zpsb412cfb0

Bezel and Wires

I have sorted the last of the dash wiring all now works on the new switches and leds very pleased with the result,but the main work has been on the headlight bezels as to get a good looking fit I have reconstructed the area of the bezel that sits on the lamp face. I did not want any gaps or odd looking returns so I started with a copper tube fashioned to the exact shape and contour of the lens and glassed that to cut away bezel the result looks great and once filled and painted should do the trick.

bezel4 bezel3

bezel2 bezel

dash8 dash6

dash5 dash3