Cerbera Rollbar Manufacturing – Part 3

Fair bit more done, started on the front arb (anti-rollbar) and have finished fitting the support brackets, also finished fitting the steering rack had to do a chassis mod to get the pinion of the rack exactly where it is needed to avoid any bump steer etc.all getting very snug up front, i have sourced the material for the arb levers and cut to lenght they are now away being taper turned as my old capstan cant taper turn so should have them back next week.

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Rollbar manufacturing

Well back on track finished the mounting brackets for the rollbar also now fabricated the mountings on the chassis for them and started machining the ends of the bar itself which will be sweated into the tube to create solid ends for the link arms to fit into i have built up both rear suspensions to get the length of the drive shafts needed plus have made and fitted the diff carriers to the chassis so the rear end is nearly complete.

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LS Engine Dyno

Finished the spacer for the bellhousing to dyno and got the housing bolted to the dyno to confirm all was well, then partially loaded the van ready for sticking the engine in the back and off to emerald in the morning, got the engine connected up had to do a slight mod to my engine mounts to fit there fitting but nothing to serious, got the water system plumbed up ,sorted the thermo couples for inlet and outlet water temps connected, sorted some of the wiring but still some way to go on that front, tomorrow fuel etc. so coming along nicely hopefully go for a start late this week.

Cerbera Exhaust Manifold – Part 2

Got on well Friday made the third mounting for the nearside exhaust there seemed to be to much twist from the weight of the silencer with just the two, then started back on the offside got the manifold all tigged up, lobsterbacked the bend after the flexy down pipe, cut and dressed the exit bend and cut the straight pipe to length, just the welding on that and the mounts Monday then engine out and prepare for the dyno.