TVR Wedge Body + Interior

Quite a bit more wedge-ineering last couple of days fitted the front bumper panel and got the boot on with its struts had to reconstruct the hinges as the hinge pins had been replaced with 4mm bolts which allowed the wing to rub on the body as they where so badly fitted,all the lights now in except headlights just in case I need access to the connectors had to make new brackets for the driving lights including a complete new system for the passenger side as the bolts imbedded in the glass fibre where sheared I think it is slightly better than the original, I have built up the dash board with its refurbished clocks etc and will be building up the switch panel today, plus I have stone chip protected the sills just need the black on there this morning.

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Wedge Engine Bay

Big push yesterday and today repaired all the stress cracks caused by the front body mountings parting company, got the front half of the chassis and the engine bay all ready for paint off to the rollcentre tomorrow for the cerby roll cage but will be getting some etch primer on in the afternoon hopefully.

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