Wedge Electric Power Steering

Another part of the jigsaw finished I had to strip off all the plastic mouldings the steering lock and ignition key surround from the power column make an adapter to take the original switch gear plus cut the end of both columns and machine the old column to shrink fit up inside the new power column all gone well just an adaptor to make to allow the fitting of a chimaera wheel to the wedge hub holes are slightly different but all looks good.

15556596082_5d57a64700_k 15553085451_8770125086_k
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Wedge Steering and Engine Update

Got a bit more done recently fitted the rocker covers and painted the sump but the real focus has been the electric power steering which is now all ready for fitting tomorrow. I have machined the original sliding section of the column to fit to the spline from the power unit had to make up a mandrel to facilitate getting the spline dead square to the column prior to welding. I have also fitted a spherical bearing to the end of the column where it passes through the bulkhead had to machine a small bush to get the two together but all fits nicely, then the task of making the fixing bracket to go with the strengthened mounting under the dash all should be good got it all painted tonight but you never know.

14923859904_2347d651e7_k 14924427353_b9b4c1bd19_k
15545447552_9022e8438b_k 15520902216_0e2c64ad03_k

Rack and Pinion

Got lots done today started with the refurbished rack, we have bored out the old parent ally bushes and replaced them with admiralty bronze bushes should outlast the TVR offering, fitted the rack to the car and the links fitted, then the new handbrake cable and lever i have covered the inner cables where they come out of the outer with 9mm electrical conduit to keep the road dirt out of the cable, the main positive and negative have been run they will connect to a red switch on the rear bulkhead as the battery is going in the boot.

Pedal box is all built up with master cylinders and is fitted new grommets in the wing for the throttle cable and vacuum pipe, stripped out the door opening devise replaced the cables polished the ball handle ready for replacement and fitted the new heatshielding to the inner wings just the bulkhead to do tomorrow. I have finally fitted the intercooler as it is so much easier with no chassis in the way, plus checked over the chassis ready for fitting back under the car tomorrow fitted the heater pipes ready to push through the bulkhead so big day coming up.

refurbishedrack refurbishedrack2

rack rack2

intercooler-1 intercooler2-1

chassis-1 fuellines

handbrakecable handbrakecable2

insulation insulation2

Fitting the Steering

Well the much awaited power steering mod is all complete, the brackettery is finalised the unwanted pieces from the power unit hve been removed to clean it up and the control unit has a new home as it impeeded the left foot to the clutch for size 11 like mine, have taken it all out again for paint looks neat and if it where meant to be.

DSCN2834 DSCN2837 DSCN2833


Body and Seal

I have been at it again today not on the engine as am awaiting supplies for the billet to turn up the crank pulley and some laser cutting for the bracket for the tensioner i have designed, but i have rebuilt the remaining rear hub now the seals have arrived, cleaned up the drive shafts and the cvj units, just need to paint those then they can go on,also made a start to the bad area of glassfibre around the offside manifold ,also got a pic of the finnished steering column with its power unit and sliding joint all connected, and I gunked and pressure washed the gearbox ready to paint the box itself.

gbox damage

driveshafts nearsidehub


Pulley, Plenum and Power Steering

Another day at the tvr mill, got the pulleys fitted plus got the fuel rail on and bolted down, finished detailing on the plenum chamber stripped cleaned and polished the alternator and its bracket, plus have made a start on the power steering, got the components sorted to how they are going to fit together the box is going to have a shrunk fit bush to connect to the original column, the shroud will have to have a spacer bush to make up the different diameters so relatively easy.

The motor will be bracketed (a) to the back of the dash which is being strengthened with carbon fibre mat and epoxy resin plus (b) a bracket to the strengthened pedal box which is being lengthened to include the mounting for the end of the column (c) the fiberglass bulkhead behind the road wheel is to be beefed up to insure no flexing, the bottom half of the column is the original corsa sliding joint fitted to the motor and grafted via welding to the original very cutdown column.

This system has the advantage of an extra uj after the motor so should the alligment not be perfect this will insure smooth steering plus in the event of a shunt the column not only can slide but fold as the car crumples as per the original corsa fitment pics follow of progress so far,plus a pic of the crap original column to spline weld scary.

DSCN2720 powerboxpriortowork

DSCN2721 columncutformod

standardcolumn detailingonplenum pulleysfittedetc