TVR Wedge Bodywork

More stuff done, made a new base for the gear and handbrake gaiters, the original was rotten due to not having been painted from new, I have stapled the now white gaiters to the new board but forgot a pic, also finished the repair on the bumper that is now in primer ready for colour tomorrow plus the second headlight mechanism has been overhauled and all fitted back in the car,also started cleaning up and fitting new hinge pins to the boot hinges.

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TVR Wedge Rear Suspension Upgrades

Been busy again today got all the rose joints sorted and there spacers made for the last bit of the rear suspension mods to allow full adjustability plus set a 1.0degree of camber as a start point, all looks good so far proof is in the driving reports to follow in around a month, fitted the new steering wheel I had in stock to the electric powered steering column plus the new proper bearing in the front footwell bulkhead and adjusted the centring so the winkers return after the appropriate movement of the wheel,started filling the holes in the rear bulkhead where the speakers had been why would you want a radio in a car such as this, plus started refitting the bonnet, fitted the two exhaust tail pipes after polishing.

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Finished TVR Wedge Roll Bar

After fitting the rollbar I have decided to get all the internal panels like the dash and centre console coloured the right colours namely black and white, so i already had the furniture clinic materials in stock so and have set to work cleaning and scrubbing off the old dark blue colour its not actually to bad the leather prep is very active and soon softens the old finish and colour then sponge and spray the new colour and finish, I have chosen satin,so far so good the white obviously takes a lot longer to cover but i am very pleased with the result, I have also turned some centres with a groove to allow a little more movement on my adjustment to the rear suspension will be assembling that tomorrow so pics to follow.

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LS Engine Dyno

Finished the spacer for the bellhousing to dyno and got the housing bolted to the dyno to confirm all was well, then partially loaded the van ready for sticking the engine in the back and off to emerald in the morning, got the engine connected up had to do a slight mod to my engine mounts to fit there fitting but nothing to serious, got the water system plumbed up ,sorted the thermo couples for inlet and outlet water temps connected, sorted some of the wiring but still some way to go on that front, tomorrow fuel etc. so coming along nicely hopefully go for a start late this week.

Cerbera Exhaust Manifold – Part 2

Got on well Friday made the third mounting for the nearside exhaust there seemed to be to much twist from the weight of the silencer with just the two, then started back on the offside got the manifold all tigged up, lobsterbacked the bend after the flexy down pipe, cut and dressed the exit bend and cut the straight pipe to length, just the welding on that and the mounts Monday then engine out and prepare for the dyno.

Wedge Update

Got a bit done to the wedge roll bar is now complete with harness attachment points off to powder coat next week also completed the setup on the rear suspension got the new shocks on and set the camber and toe in also sorted the seats I am using chimaera seats seem to go in well next is to sort the dash centre console etc.