Orange 4.0 SC Chimaera

A complete refurbishment of a 1994 TVR Chimaera. Work included SC Power Supercharger (pre-serp), Water/Methanol Injection, addition of Electric Steering, Rebuilt Chassis, Emerald ECU, Complete Repaint.

Orange Chimaera 4.0 SC 650 032 650 031

Key Work

16864872071_0382d49afd_k Orange Chimaera 4.0 SC Orange Chimaera 4.0 SC


The car was mapped by the excellent people at Emerald. The Chimaera now produces 380BHP and nearly 385lbs Torque – It is very very smooth loads of low end torque with the boost building smoothly all the way to 10.6 flat-out. See the rolling road (pre-water injection) results.


A collection of comments from members of PistonHeads TVR Forum

“Simply brilliant well done, I love your car!”

“Best. PistonHeads. Thread. Ever. Great skills and a great result, well done!”

“Words can’t express the amount of work done there, funky damn car. There’s not another like it that’s afact! Wonderful effort. Top draw.”


Santa Pod

Bedford Autodrome

Project Blog Posts

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