Super Charger Conversion

SC Power supercharger systems transform your car to Supercar performance, the power of the SC450/SC500 being comparative to cars running in the Tuscan Challenge race series, that’s quick.

With around 360hp+ of very usable performance the driver can experience race car levels of acceleration, the drive through 100mph pushing you back in your seat, that’s exhilaration.


The 4.0 litre engine is a very responsive and free revving unit making it a pleasure to drive. The SC400 system retains this quality and with around 300+bhp available delivers superior drive-ability and performance to 5.0 litre engines.
The base SC400 system increases performance by about 40% over the standard build, this taking it to 500 power levels. The Intercooler system can be fitted retrospectively if the adrenalin kicks in and more power s wanted.

SC Power design objective: To produce more Hp/ton than a Porsche GT3

Approximate Supercharged Hp  Assuming 15% trans. loss

  Flywheel HP Weight in KG Power/Weight ratio
Porsche GT3 415 1395 297 HP per tonne
SC400 312 1065 292 HP per tonne
SC450 341 1065 320 HP per tonne
SC500 365 1065 343 HP per tonne

Performance that speaks for itself


The Orange 4.0 Chimaera is the first car we have converted to use SC Power’s Kit.

After the work on the Super Charger to increase power I took the car over to Emerald for another rolling road session. The Chimaera now produces 350BHP and nearly 380lbs Torque – It is very very smooth loads of low end torque with the boost building smoothly all the way to 10.6 flat-out. It is now running the 95mm blower wheel and 240cc injectors at 3.1 bar. You can see the Emerald Rolling Road results here.

TVR rolling road IMG_0496
8542737960_e629e868cf_c DSC02641_zps707e30b9


To support the build of a Pre-Serpentine specification Supercharged RV8 engine I worked with SC Power to evaluate and market this new RV8 engine option. I built an engine and manufactured the unique twin belt alloy crankshaft pulley able to drive the supercharger and power steering pump if fitted.

TVR Chimaera Supercharger TVR Chimaera Supercharger
TVR Chimaera Supercharger TVR Chimaera Supercharger